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What Kind of Research is Done at the Center?

The Center has a long history of major participation and leadership in national and international research projects that have led to the development of effective therapies for sickle cell disease. With many of the basic molecular issues in sickle cell disease being better understood, major research efforts now focus primarily on clinical issues such as treatment for the disease. Much of the Center’s research is also devoted to the prevention and treatment of excess body iron, high blood pressure in the lungs, and to the study of a natural chemical called nitric oxide.  Low nitric oxide levels impair the flow of blood so nitric oxide administration is being investigated for possible therapeutic applications in sickle cell disease.  The role that vitamin deficiencies play in the manifestations of sickle cell disease is also being investigated.

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  • Regulation of HIV-1 Transcription by CDK2 (NIH Application # SCORE 1 SC1 GM082325) The over-arching goal of this research venture is to identify mechanisms to overcome HIV-1 drug-resistance as related to viral replication within host cells. The proposed research is designed to determine whether CDK2 phosphorylates HIV-1 Tat during HIV-1 transcription and whether this phosphorylation is physiologically important for viral replication.

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  • Preventing Acute Chest Syndrome by Transfusion (PROACTIVE) Feasibility Study. The purpose of this study, which is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the federal government, is to learn whether blood transfusions may prevent ACS when sickle cell patients hospitalized for pain develop an elevated sPLA2 (a blood enzyme). However, in order to learn whether the sPLA2 will be a good test for predicting ACS, and whether enough patients will be available for the full study, the investigators are conducting this Screening (Feasibility) Study.

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